Individualized Lesson Programs

About Our Program

We teach our students within a fun and interactive atmosphere. Our lessons are for anyone who wants to learn guitar. We offer performance minded students who may like to play and sing, write and record.

Learn Proper Techniques

Individualized Lesson Programs

Learn how to play guitar through proper techniques and methods. Learn strings and frets, solid picking and finger style techniques. We teach music fundamentals and fretboard theory using songs you want to learn by artists you love.

We offer music instruction for all ages and every experience level, including advanced guitar playing. Music is a great way to be inspired and to develop the discipline and dedication necessary to succeed in all of life’s challenges. Start today and learn to play!

Play Like A Professional

Private Guitar Lessons For All Ages And Skill Levels

We teach our students how to play the guitar. How to keep time and strum patterns and songs, Learn to play guitar like a professional by playing using proper fingers, frets, and picking techniques. We teach music fundamentals.  Easy learning methods are used for Beginners. Intermediate students can learn Fretboard Theory, The CAGED Learn Chording System and techniques. Learn Major Diatonic and Minor Modes. Learn Scales and Chord Transitions.  If you already play we can improve your skills, technique and show you how to reach your playing potential.

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We Teach Novice, Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Students!

Guitar Lessons are available in-person and on-line using FaceTime or other video conferencing tools.

Select Your Plan

Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass Guitar & Ukulele

Novice, Beginner, Intermediate Advanced Students. A personal program designed for all ages and skill levels!

Learn Rock, Blues, Jazz and other styles.


All styles & Skill Levels
$ 30 per week
  • 30 minutes / week.
  • Billed weekly / monthly.


All styles & Skill Levels
$ 45 per week
  • 45 minutes / week.
  • Billed weekly / monthly.


All styles & Skill Levels
$ 60 per week
  • 45 minutes / week.
  • Billed weekly / monthly.


All styles & Skill Levels
$ 75 per week
  • 60 minutes / week.
  • Billed weekly / monthly.
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Ukulele Lessons

Learn how to play Ukulele by learning to play with the proper techniques. We teach all of the fundamentals based on the book Ukulele From Scratch by Bruce Emery. Lessons are 30 minutes. “What every beginner needs to know to get up and playing as soon as possible, plus somewhere to go after that. Learn how to tune your uke and to strum some simple chords from our favorite Chord Families: C, G, F, D and A. Plenty of familiar song examples, as well as referrals to classic songs on You Tube. Once you’ve exhausted all the play-along songbooks and web sites that are available, this book will lead you into the realm of comprehension.”

Ukulele Lessons are available by Facetime by appointment too. Gift certificates are also available for lesson packages.

Let us help you discover the lifelong joy of music by learning Ukulele! It’s fun! Start today and Play!

Discover the lifelong joy of music

Group Lessons & Jam Sessions

The studio may be available by appointment for in-person lessons recording or semi-private, group, jam sessions and band practice.

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Start Today and Play!

Lesson Policies

Star Guitar is committed to creating a positive and fun learning environment for its music students. It is important that all students and parents understand and follow the Star Guitar policies below for a successful learning experience.

  • We accept music students of all ages and abilities based on our instructors’ availability.  Students under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the session for in-person studio lessons, or lessons may be taken conveniently on-line.
  • New students may register on the website on the Contact Information Page. Fill out the contact form and provide information on what you’re interested in learning. We will contact you for scheduling weekly lessons, usually same day and time each week. We will work with you to find a day/time that works best for you. We will request a backup day for any make-up if needed.
  • Lesson payments are made by credit card subscription weekly / monthly and processed using an autopay service. All Lessons are automatically debited weekly. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX are accepted. You will receive an email receipt.
  • Students/Parents are responsible for ensuring that the credit card information is current and able to be processed. Transaction fees incurred by Star Guitar for invalid credit card information may be charged to the student.
  • Lessons may be conducted “virtually”, using FaceTime or another digital service. The student is responsible for ensuring a proper internet or cellular signal is available for the lesson time. The student calls in to the instructor at the appointed time to the number or email provided by the instructor.
  • If the student is planning a vacation, school break, or has any type of schedule conflict, notification should be given to the instructor in 48 hours in advance or more. We will work together to accommodate the scheduling need accordingly and plan a make-up lesson.
  • On occasion, as necessary, lessons may be rescheduled within the same month with 48-hour advance notice, please have some make up days and be available. Students who do not provide or no-show to the appointed lesson will forfeit the lesson fee for that scheduled lesson and it will not be made up.
  • At times, the instructor may need to change a lesson time and will work on a rescheduled date and time. If the instructor is out for a period where lessons cannot be performed, another instructor may be substituted at the discretion of Star Guitar. All lessons where an instructor was not available or had to cancel will be re-appointed or refunded if no make-up time can be agreed.
  • No refunds for any lesson payment already processed will be given, except where noted above.
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Let Us Help You Discover A Lifelong Joy Of Music!